Details for Board of Directors of Hoosier Uplands


Nominations for a seat on the Board of Directors of Hoosier Uplands Economic Development Corporation are being accepted. The person selected must represent low income persons in Martin County. The nominee must also reside in Martin County and not have any conflicts of interest that would preclude them from serving on the Board per the by laws of the corporation. Nominees must have an income of no more than 125% of poverty or thru their employment or community involvement  or be able to adequately represent low income persons. This should be explained in the nomination. Nominations should include the person’s name, address, and phone number and must be in writing.

They should be sent to:

Hoosier Uplands

Attn: David L. Miller, CEO

500 West Main Street

Mitchell, IN 47446

Nominations must be received no later than: October 13, 2021.

2t, Sept. 29 & Oct. 6c