Details for City of Loogootee Stormwater


State Revolving Fund (SRF) Loan Program Categorical Exclusion (CE): City of Loogootee, Martin County, PER: SRF Project WW21135101.

To all interested parties: This is notification that the City of Loogootee Stormwater Improvements project is categorically excluded from substancetive environmental review. The SRF is submitting the CE for public notice.

The proposed project is necessary to address stormwater issues in the City. The improvements include replacing existing, aging storm sewers and installing a new storm sewer in existing streets. The project also includes additional inlets and manholes, and repair of road surfaces.

The total cost of this project is approximately $1,800,000. The City will finance the project with a loan from the SRF Loan Program for a term and annual fixed interest rate to be determined at loan closing. Monthly user rates and charges may need to be analyzed to determine if adjustments are required for loan repayment.

The documentation supporting this determination of CE is available for review at

If you have any questions, pl-ease contact Amy Henninger, at 317-232-6566, or

Aug. 19c