Details for County Council: Notice Of Public Hearing



The Martin County Council (the “County Council”) of Martin County, Indiana (the “County”), will hold a public hearing pursuant to Indiana Code 6-1.1-12.1-2.5, on behalf of the County and the County Council thereof at 6:00 p.m., on the 14th day of September, 2020, at the Martin County Courthouse, 129 S. Main Street, Shoals, Indiana, on the proposed real property tax abatements for the real estate and real property improvements to be owned by an associated business of WestGate @ Crane Development Co., LLC, an Indiana limited liability corporation to be known as Westgate Eight, LLC, an Indiana limited liability corporation (the “Applicant”) to be installed in the new 50,000 square foot facility to be constructed on 4.236 acres (the “Project”), and located in the Martin County portion of the WestGate @ Crane Technology Park, Crane, Indiana (the “Site”).

The County Council has previously adopted Resolution No. 2007-06 (the “Resolution”) designating the Site as an economic revitalization area for the purposes of considering the grant of real property tax abatement to the Applicant for said real property for a period not to exceed ten (10) years. The Resolution also finds the benefits of the Project justify the granting of real property tax deductions for ten years to the Applicant pursuant to Indiana Code 6-1.1-12.1. The Resolution which contains a description of the affected area, is available for inspection in the County Assessor’s office located at 129 S. Main Street, Shoals, Indiana.

The public is invited to attend the public hearing and comment on any of the matters herein noted, and all persons who appear will be given a reasonable opportunity at such hearing to express their views, both orally and in writing. If you are unable to attend the public hearing, written comments may be addressed to the County Attorney, David Lett, Lett & Jones, 103 North Street, Loogootee, Indiana 47553, and any such written comments must be received no later than one (1) hour before the hearing. After considering the evidence, the Council will take final action determining whether the qualifications for an economic revitalization area have been met and confirming, modifying and confirming, or rescinding the Resolution. This determination will be final, subject to certain rights to appeal under Indiana Code 6-1.1-12.1-2.5.

Dated: August 10, 2020.



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