General Explanations
The APR is a report on the performance of schools and school corporations (districts) in your area. The
goal is to provide information regarding the progress schools are making to help students become
college-and–career ready. Where possible, this report contains three years of data to show trends – not
just this year’s results. In addition, the State Average is also shown for comparison purposes. There
are additional indicators that are available on the Indiana Department of Education’s Web site
(, including data broken out by different student subgroups, such as race, gender,
income level and special education.
Indiana educators and citizens have developed higher academic standards for all students. These
standards are necessary to prepare Indiana students to be successful in life, whether they go directly to
higher education or to the workplace. For high schools, you will see graduation rates and the percentage
of graduates who plan to go on to college.
Other important data are provided, such as average attendance rates and indicators of school safety,
including expulsions and suspensions. Also included is information about your school corporation, such
as how much is spent, on average, for each student; how much teachers are paid; and the percentage
of corporation students who are in special education classes or gifted and talented classes.
COVID-19 NOTE: Due to COVID-19, ILEARN/ISTEP assessments were not administered during the
2019-2020 school year.
Definitions (in the order found on the report)
Corporation Level & General School Data
A-F Accountability Grade

Student Enrollment
Non-Waiver Grad Rate
College and Career Readiness Rate

Career and Technical Diplomas
Certified Teachers
Teacher Salary Range
Students in Special Education
Students in Gifted and Talented
Percent of Instruction Delivered Through
Career and Technical Education
Students Receiving Free or Reduced
Price Lunches
Limited English Proficiency Students

Foster Care Students
Alternative Education
Intra District Mobility

Corporation Level & General School Data
Inter District Mobility

Pupil Enrollment to Certified Employee
Attendance Rate
High School Data
Career and Technical Programs
International Baccalaureate
Core 40

Core 40 with Honors diploma
Graduation Rate

Elementary/Middle School Data


Grade calculated by the IDOE per 511 IAC 6.2-6 and officially assigned by
the State Board of Education. For 2018-19, Schools and Corporations
were assigned the better of their 2017-18 grade or the 2018-19 calculated
grade. Grade were not assigned for 2019-20 due to COVID-19.
Number of students enrolled on October 1 of the school year. Note:
Counts for Membership funding purposes are taken on a different day
and may differ.
For 2020-21, the percentage of students who entered Grade 9 in Fall 2018
and graduated in four years or less without a waiver
The percentage of 2018 four year graduates who passed an Advanced
Placement test, passed an International Baccalaureate test, received 3
hours of Dual Credit, or received an Industry Certification. Note: These
data are not available for the 2021 cohort at time of publication. It was
not calculated in 2020 as part of the suspension of A-F Grades.
Core 40 with Technical Honors Diplomas
Teachers certified to teach as reported by School Corporation (includes
guidance counselors and other non-Administrator staff)
Salary range is calculated by reviewing the salaries for teachers as
provided by the School Corporation. Teachers must be reported at 100%
for 180-195 days
Students (including non-public Students) who are receiving special
education services
Percentage of students enrolled in gifted and talented education programs
as defined locally
Percentage of total instructional hours delivered through vocational
education classes
Students who receive free or reduced price lunches due to family income
Students whose inability to communicate English prevents them from
participating fully in a standard educational program
Students who are foster care students
Students enrolled and receiving instruction for at least 10 days in an
approved alternative education program
Percentage of students who moved from one school to another in the same
school corporation

*** Supressed

Percentage of student who moved from one school to another in a different
school corporation
Number of Students per Certified Employees as reported by the School
Average attendance rate for students

Grade 10 exam for high school graduation. Pass rates for Grade 10
ISTEP are for first time attempts only.
Programs administered through the Department of Workforce
Development that often result in an Industry Certification
Program of Study offered by some authorized schools that may result in a
student receiving a specialized diploma called an International
Baccalaureate Diploma. More information can be found at
Basic High school graduation requirements
More information on the graduation requirements and types of diplomas
can be found at
Either Core 40 with Academic Honors or Core 40 with Technical Honors
For 2020-21, the percentage of students who entered Grade 9 in Fall 2018
and graduated in four years or less.

Grade specific exam given to all students. All students in Grades 3-8 are
tested annually in Math and English/Language Arts. Students in grades 4
and 6 are also tested in Science. Students in grades 5 are also tested in
Social Studies.
Exam given to all students in grade 3 to test reading proficiency.


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If you have any questions about this information, you should contact your local school corporation or
contact the Department of Education at 317-234-1332 or by e-mail at

** The Loogootee Community School Corporation shall maintain the current levels (Percentage) between expenditures for the student instructional expenditure categories and the other expenditures categories as described in IC 20.42.5-3-5.

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