Republicans claimed the major Martin County races in the General Election Tuesday, November 3rd, as 5,193 total votes were cast.

In the race for Commissioner in District 3, incumbent Republican Aaron “Moose” Summers defeated Democrat challenger Mike Dant by 2,077 votes, 3,536 to 1,459.

In the race for Martin County Coroner, Republican Cathy Evans defeated incumbent Democrat Tina Franklin by 2,023 votes, 3,529 to 1,506.

For Martin County Council, incumbent Democrat Richard Summers was defeated in Tuesday’s General Election. Political newcomer Adam Greene, a Republican, led the five person race, which elected the top three. Greene received 3,471 votes Tuesday. Incumbent Republican Warren D. Albright was re-elected with 2,552 votes, and Republican incumbent Keith Gibson was also returned to office with 2,166 votes. Rounding out the ballot were Democrats Richard Summers, with 1,754 votes, and Jim Woody with 1,435 votes.